Domestic, commercial and industrial magnetic
    and scale filtration systems

Centramag 2 Linear

This is the solution for retro fitting under a boiler with confined space. Most installations in kitchens, the pipework runs below or above vertically so we have come up with a solution by fitting a jig and attaching the Centramag 2 linear in tight spaces.

  • In line installation
  • Low profile drain plug
  • Retro fitting on existing systems
  • Ideal for vertical installations
  • 1 inch above and below required for access
  • Removable filter from the jig
  • Non-magnetic debris & magnetite breaker built in internally
  • Compact installation for tight spaces
  • Dosing port without breaking into the main chamber
  • 2 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • 10 year magnet warranty
  • Locking mechanism to prevent centrifugal movement