Domestic, commercial and industrial magnetic
    and scale filtration systems


The Centravent is a fully universal deaerator which works non-stop to effectively remove circulating air and microbubbles from system water.

At the heart of the Centravent, there is a separation chamber complied with specifically manufactured pall rings, which ensures that microbubbles rise automatically.

The specially constructed air chamber provides sufficient volume to absorb pressure fluctuations and prevents valve contamination, this is one of the main causes of leaks.

Thanks to the special construction and the solid valve seat, the leak-proof air release valve always closes perfectly, this avoids the sputtering and unwanted entry of air from outside the system.

  • 10 year warranty
  • Built in slip socket
  • Triple radial seal
  • Compact installation
  • Removes microbubbles
  • Lidless unit, no need to replace seal